The Motley Crue Rare Cuts That Need A Final Performance

As many know, Motley Crue is retiring after this tour for good. Some of the best songs they have they haven’t been played in ages!!!
Here are the songs and the dates they last played them. (stats from:

  • Stick to Your Guns (Country Club, Reseda, CA, USA on October 2, 1981)
  • Merry-Go-Round (Dallas Music Complex, Dallas, TX, USA on November 23, 1999)
  • Take Me to the Top (Dominion Theatre, London, England on November 19, 1984)
  • Black Widow (Pabellón Príncipe Felipe, Zaragoza, Spain on June 25, 2005)
  • Knock ’em Dead, Kid (Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on November 8, 2000)
  • Use It or Lose It (Le Zénith, Paris, France on March 3, 1986)
  • Come Out and Dance (Fox Theatre, San Diego, CA, USA on November 13, 1983)
  • Public Enemy #1 (Dallas Music Complex, Dallas, TX, USA on November 23, 1999)
  • Misunderstood (Mielparque Hall, Hiroshima, Japan on October 4, 1994)
  • Hooligan’s Holiday (Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on October 11, 1994)
  • Bitter Pill (Phoenix Civic Plaza, Phoenix, AZ, USA on December 20, 1998)

Crue, if you going out then play the songs one last time. Give the hard-core fan what we want…the rare songs to be performed one final time. Make it a live youtube event and charge $49.99 to view the live stream from this epic rare cuts concert from some intimate venue in Los Angeles, where it all started. Maybe the Roxy or the Whiskey would like to get involved with this event for friends and family and mega-fans?  I will personally promote the hell out of any livestream event you put together!

Thanks again for all the years of your music, you are truly masters of the craft!

best wishes,

Why exactly people buy Bitcoin

People buy bitcoins for these reasons (and more):

1. By purchasing Bitcoin you are sending a message to the creators of fiat currency that printing ~$17 Trillion (in USD) worldwide since 2008 is not cool, as anyone knows that increasing the supply of something will decrease the cost for each one. It’s simple math and applies to currency time and time again as each unit of currency is worth less the more of it there is. This translates to making your hard earned money worth less and less over time. This punishes the savers and responsible people that have been delaying gratification and investing in themselves and rewards people who are locked in debt living paycheck to paycheck.

The modern dollar has depreciated over 95% in purchasing power, since it was introduced in 1913. Does this sound like solid money? Keep in mind that this is nothing new, fiat currencies have been around since the dawn of man as even the Romans reduced the amount of silver in coins down to less then 1% as a way to create something out of nothing. Ask any 10 year old mentally challenged kid if you can create value out of thin air and he will tell you NO. Don’t be fooled by all the smoke and mirrors of ‘modern finance’ telling you that the system needs inflation or monetary expansion to keep going.   The current system is designed to force you to over-consume and trade your time for money (earning salary wages for your labor), and not be able to invest and build assets that make you more money on your money.

2. You like technology. Bitcoin represents really cool technology. You have the mashup of mathematic cryptography, modern worldwide telecommunications, and peer to peer communications. Without any one of these technologies the Bitcoin idea would not work. You needed all the RSA type public key based algorithms , the ‘networkization’ of the world to have somewhat reliable high speed internet, and then the innovation of a bittorrent type peer 2 peer networking system.  It’s just like James Burke used to say with his Connections show about how the every modern day convenience you enjoy was built on other technologies before it.

3. You want to send money anywhere in the world almost INSTANTLY and FREE. This is what gets people really thinking about the future. The cheaper and faster attributes of any system will always win out as history has shown over time. It might take a while for people to adjust, but there is no way protectionist governments and elite financial institutions can hang on forever, once the tide shifts to the cheaper and faster methods (which it always does) then everyone will be enjoying a payment system that is just overall more efficient.

4. You don’t want a middlemen taking your money for not providing any service. Paying with credit cards, checks, money orders, etc…someone is paying a fee to a lazy middleman that just validates and secures the transaction and helps provide counterparty risk. Bitcoin technology has made these organizations irrelevant as the services they provide are not needed for most transactions.  As the old saying goes, ‘100 lines of python made your organization irrelevant’, as software development leapfrogs yet another antiquated industry. Currency is not immune to technology innovation.

5. You don’t want a middleman being the gatekeeper to decide if and when you can transfer YOUR own money. Organizations like banks and governments can freeze accounts and steal all your money at will at the whims of their desires.

6. You want currency creation policy based on mathematics and not on the daily changing desires of rulers. Bitcoin is released on an exact schedule that you can count on and plan a future for until at least 2140.  What is more absolute then knowing the Bitcoin release schedule well into the 22nd century? Anything else rock solid based on laws of math? Fiat currencies are created for the short term gains of whomever controls the printing presses at that time without regards to the ramifications of who is going to pay for it down the road. Creating more debt is just kicking the can and not creating a long term and sustainable solution that people can trust and believe in.  Why should anyone pay their personal debt when the government can’t pay theirs? Government is sending the wrong message by not being responsible with it’s money in the first place.

Chris Shipley and Ian MacKaye share similar ideas on business

I first heard of Chris Shipley back in 2003 from a dear friend that was in awe of her at the DEMO conference series. She would go on and on about how Chris was this super sharp and on-point leader in the tech industry.  My friend worked for Goldman Sacs and had an extremely high bar for considering someones real business acumen and so I trusted her judgment.

Fast forward to 2015 and I hear Chris Shipley on the XM business channel radio station saying something most profound.  It was utterly awesome to hear her be so honest about the startup space and reminded me of someone totally different.

Ian Mackaye is a legendary musician, but more importantly he’s a free thinker and innovator.

In a great quote Ian states, “American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it’s profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It’s just about sucking everything up.”

Chris said almost the exact same thing about the startup scene.  The American startup incubation machine is about creating companies to sell and much is lost in this race to maximize profits.

The interesting thing is that Chris has no reason to say this. She could easily say positive ‘ra ra’ type things about what she deems the Startup Industrial Complex, but instead is calling out the complex she has supported for it’s ills.