doesn’t know what there tests are!

I went to and got a gut health test for some insane stomach pains I was having, everything came back fine except for 1 major thing…here are the results.


Then I went back to get a more comprehensive food allergy test done, results here.


So how could it be that the 1st test says I have a SEVERE allergy to Gluten, and the 2nd one says that is ZERO allergy to Gluten? (nor the owner) didn’t tell me that the test REQUIRES you have the testing items in your system to be able to pick them up. If this is the case, then how is this even an allergy test then? I actually thought I was cured and ate Gluten (Wendy’s single hamburger meal) and was very sick for 2 days.   I asked for a refund on this test ($269) and was refused.  I am done with and will not be trusting them anymore.

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