Consumer Reports of News Organizations. Is totally unbiased possible?

This is more of a thought experiment then anything. The question is, can you create a news organization that is completely unbiased? The obvious attributes of this are being advertiser free and thus having no masters to manipulate it. Beyond just advertiser free, how do you make an organization out of it? Also, how do you make a real business out of it and not something that depends on raising millions of dollars to play the 0% interest rate game while buying time with free money. So basically a low investment to make a sustainable living for the minds behind this venture.

So how would one do this? How would it be possible? What if you had a website that accepted submissions for news, then the editor or some centralized point would be have to sift through them to find the ones that they like. So this method fails as having trust in 1 person can never produce an unbiased system.

The decentralized argument would be to have everyone vote on which articles work the best. But then you have tons of groups forming under special interests that feed themselves. For example, the voting of a Digg or a Reddit is so biased as to that specific audience that is voting on it. The people who submit the articles corrupt the system by employing people to use accounts to manipulate the votes to their favor. So in this case money wins out as ‘advertiser dollars’ move to the people with the most accounts, or the teams that can otherwise outwit the voting systems.

Can you do a site like this at scale? Will there always be a need to subdivide topics of interest for people? Most importantly, how do you keep money out of the equation, as once it enters it will make the most dollars spent be heard the loudest. The sad thing is that you can give someone enough money and they can find a way to influence any news engine.

Here are some more examples.

1. For Profit Mainstream Media (CNN,NBC,CBS,New York Times,WSJ,etc…)
– sells ads across channels like tv, radio, web, print
= beholden to the buyers of ads.
= totally biased communications channel

2. Non-Profit Mainstream Media (NPR,PBS,etc…)
– gets money from rich foundations and donors
= beholden to the ‘donors’
= totally biased communications channel

How do you make a system that is totally free of the biases from the people that buy ads or make donations?

If you eliminate the money is there a way to make it unbiased? If there is no money, then how would you incent the system to work? If there is no economic gain for the system’s information providers then why participate?

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