Eddie Izzard – Why do you think there is any difference between political parties?

I saw Eddie Izzard perform last night in Denver. He has been my favorite comedian since about 1997 when I randomly saw him on HBO one night after a college party.  I remember thinking, man this guy is so smart and funny, he totally gets how ridiculous the world really is. For example, ‘No Flag No Country’.

Kind of like how George Carlin was at the end.  George had nothing to lose or hide in his last years. He called it like it is about government corruption and how the system was all a sham to keep the elite wealthy and powerful.

Now as smart as Eddie is, I can’t seem to understand why he thinks that there is a difference between political parties.  The unwashed masses are led to believe there is a difference as this helps to distract them and give them hope that there will be change…but in reality it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter which political party gets into any office because ‘it is extremely rare’ for them do what they say. Campaign promises are almost never fully kept.  Even the most idealistic and ethical person will be corrupted by the power…else if they don’t want to play ball they will be put in the corner and made inconsequential. A classic read reminds us all how manipulative the whole system is in creating a ‘common enemy’ to rally behind: The Wrong Side Absolutely Must Not Win

All politicians are just puppets for whoever gives them the most money. Since big corporations/foundations give the most, they get the most benefits. These benefits are in the forms of laws written to benefit them.  Laws like tax breaks and regulations that protect the business from competition. For example the banks have been able to get the politicians to write laws that require you to jump through all sorts of hoops to do anything with Bitcoin. The banks are just protecting their own profits by making the barriers to entry very expensive and time consuming to compete against them.  This sort of protectionism is at the heart of all political parties, regardless of what either party SAY they are about.  What a political says and does are too totally different things. For example, remember Barrack Obama’s campaign promise to shut down Gitmo? It has been 7 years and nothing.

Don’t believe me? No problem, do your own research and the truth will set you free. Here is a beginner video to get you started:

At the end of the day, I understand why reality isn’t funny. To tell the truth to the masses would be comedic suicide…it’s just too painful to let the people see the truth that they have been fleeced into these beliefs that aren’t true.  The masses wouldn’t believe it in the first place because they don’t have the skills or motivation to question reality and follow the money trails to the truth.

That said, Eddie, wtf? Why are you playing the masses? Why are you perpetuating these bipartisan distractions that the average person will believe? Dude, you are in such a position of power that people will believe almost anything you say. Why get the cheap laugh off of ‘republican greed’? When the truth is that regardless of political party the situation is always about money and power and there is no difference between parties.

Overall, thank you Eddie for coming to Denver, I will never forget being able to finally see you perform in the flesh…you sir are a master of your craft…please come back to Denver soon!

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