Noam Chomsky and Planetary Unity

I first read Chomsky back in the late 90’s and fell in love with his honesty. He is super smart AND says the truth. He holds no alliance to any real country and has no problem calling out any purple cow USA citizens deem sacred. In the same sentence as showing how much of a racist Ronald Reagan was, he will completely humiliate the USA government with their fight on ‘terror’ proving how hypocritical the policy is. For me to summarize Chomsky would do a huge disservice to him and his legacy as the more I read his work the more I see how massive his body of work is in both breadth and depth…and I am a Chomsky noob.

I recently bumped back into Chomsky and was reminded of his courage. I mean, how easy would it have been for someone that brilliant to live the life of luxury pulling the strings like a puppet master in a position of power. He could have owned 5 houses around the world and consulted with governments like Machiavelli in The Prince. The fact that he didn’t choose that is what makes him interesting…and frankly this is what makes anyone interesting. The folks that took the vow of poverty and did things out of the pure principle of love. These are the people worth emulating and creating heroes out of. The current Jamie Dimon model of the world creates an awful culture of asshole and greedy scumbags that are spending all their time manipulating others to get their ends. All these selfish people are doing is preserving power for society’s current elite and perpetuating a system that is rigged and phony…which is fine if you are 1%. If you are not born into the elites by really just an ‘accident of birth’, then you have to educate yourself. Lastly, if the education system is so one-sided and watered down to show the USA in a good light, then all is lost and all your creating is a ‘Road to Serfdom’ and a generation of really pissed off people once they do get educated. This I suppose is how a revolution starts, people just get so dicked around that they would rather die then have the next generation suffer like they did under the tyranny of elites.

Noam Chomsky is the kind of person that has spent his whole life educating people. Opening people’s eyes to reality and bucking trends like the USA’s penchant for world news introversion. USA citizens are fine knowing only what is going on in the USA and could care less about the rest of the world. This foolish and naive viewpoint creates dangerous nationalism that conforms the minds of the under-educated into group think.

I wonder what Noam would have to say about how the earthlings will eventually unite. Basically what would cause the people of the world to unite and to row the earth’s ship all together, or could this never happen? I’d argue that there needs to be a worldwide enemy to unite us…a common enemy to bring all nations together. Is it going to take an alien invasion? Some threat from another world where humans of all races will unite to fight the evil robot invaders? Beyond brutal and categorically evil space aliens, what would cause everyone on this world to want to work together? Why are humans so stupid to not see that uniting the world will lift all ships and give us an advantage millions of years down the road. Why is everyone so short sighted and can’t see the big picture about how everyone’s success is paramount to everything?

Thousands of years from now humans will know ‘life’ on other planets and so I wonder how many of those planets will have human like ‘barbaric waring tribes’ and how many planets will have ‘planetary unity’ where the top specie works together toward common goals. It could happen 😉

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