Why Herbalism is the Open Source DIY solution to Pharmaceutical Drugs

The backlash on pharmaceutical drugs has been going on for decades. The amplification of this message has been diminished by the tons of money spend by the incredibly rich and powerful organizations and institutions.

Basically it comes down to this. Pharmaceutical drug companies want to create new markets and categories with there own propitiatory property (synthetic drugs) that they can create and patent. It’s a brilliant money making scheme where you’re creating assets.  At least in the USA, all they have to do is manipulate the FDA enough to show that the drug is safe enough for users in a short period of time (5 year trials) and then they can charge as much as they can for their patented chemical. It’s no wonder that herbalism is discredited as dangerous and ineffective. Most herbs are considered weeds and grow wild and fairly easily in most growing zones.

Herbs don’t have a powerful lobby and association to spend billions on influencing people through channels like marketing, public relations and creating biased scientific reports.

From a government perspective, there are no tax dollars generated from citizen growing their own herbs, like there is from Pharma companies that are publicly traded on major equity exchanges.  Hence the incentive is for the governments to promote using the synthetic drugs created by seemingly smart people that think they can play God, when they are only just making the owners of Pharma companies rich.

In this respect, Herbs are like an open source software project. Anyone can see all the code and figure out exactly what is it doing. Anyone can participate and add to the codebase to make it better and fix errors.  Regarding herbs, just about anyone can grow or trade them with other Herbalists. Lots of information from the last 5000 years of history is available on their use is available freely across the internet.

In the end, creating your own proprietary patentable drug is 1000x more profitable in the current medicine healthcare complex then creating products with natural herbs. So the message the corporations give you through the mass media channels is to trust the smart doctors and take the drugs to be part of ‘modern medicine.’ JUST TAKE THE DRUGS!

Humanity lost its way when money and profits got in the way of using the environment around you to keep you healthy and happy. Take back your own humanity and connection to the earth that your specie evolved from over millions of years as the safest and best way to treat what ails ya’.

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